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Welcome Passerby.

If you’re here, it means, that maybe you were looking for us.
If you want to stay here – read carefully the text below.
Author struggled not to make it for herself, but for the Muses.

We are a forum, where we’ve hope, to you find creative and serene atmosphere.
And above all, or at the same time, you will have the opportunity to join the group of creators.
Therefore, if you want to join forum users, you must have to do a little obstacle course.
Meaning: If you just want to walk – move to round – the forum can view all users.
But – if you want to register…


1) Introduce yourself... And the best about man say deeds, not words, that show us one of your works. Don’t worry, that it may seem you still imperfect, here you can find a place where we develop our skills.

Therefore, we’ve created sections, guides, and we always willing to share our knowledge with passions, even at the beginning of the their road, such for example: a mad tailor, possessed a vision builder, or a simply player, who wants to expand his game to unconventional accessories.

3) We accepted with a pleasure an open and creative person, but all of plagiarisms, heated ideas we say: ‘No!’. We want to have fun and work, but we don’t intend by shame and embarrassment runs at network in balaclavas.

3) Remember, that the observance of netiquette is essential in order to exist in the forum. Disregard for copyright – ‘No!’, for offensive statements, contain profane unfounded – ‘No!’
Going further for this: posts promoting drugs, insulting other people, other nationalities, religions, races; including information on the burdened unverified allegations other person, contributing to copyright infringement, including personal information and details without the consent of their owners, the addresses of websites containing pornography, illegal software, etc. will be deleted without further information for the author.

4) Proposals not to reject:
- Forever write on subject. Your answer should be sensible and adjust the theme, which has been placed.
- If you assume a new topic – the topic (title of topic) should be short and relevant to the content of the message.
- Before you answer, consider whether you really have something to say, and your answer will bring something new to the subject. Posts in style: ‘This is the same as predecessors’, ‘Me too’, ‘reason’, or ‘’ will be removed. Treat each other on this issue seriously and don’t let us do the sight of forum dustbin of cola or coffee.
- DO NOT INDUCE and attack anyone your statements. Treat other users as you would like to be treated. We don’t intend to come here for a heavy atmosphere, gnashing our teeth.

If you want to be visually recognizable, give you avatar – the maximum size for custom image is 100 x 100 pixels. Size: max 9 KB.

6) Strongly hold to the principle: one user = one account.

And that in nature to maintain harmony and order, oblige hierarchy.
Administrators and moderators, as watchful arms of justice, to keep watch over the proper functioning of the forum.
When fish move beyond established rules, and after warning shots react decisively. Or, in situations of need, delete, ban, etc., etc.


Before you accept the rules, read it carefully.

2. 1. This Regulation sets the rules prevailing forum , the observance of it which will be absolutely required of all registered users.

2. Forbid discussion of illegal sites with serial numbers or additives The Sims 2 and The Sims 3 games.

3. Not be placed on the server forum and send to public use additives, codes and other materials, which it were obtained in the manner illegally. Breaking point of the second and third rules will result in exclusion from the group of users on a permanent basis (ban!)

4. Forbid the establishment of the themes and writing posts about the content of advertising or spam.

5. For advertising or spamming on the forum SimsDistrict user is excluded from the group of users on a permanent basis (Ban on IP).

6. Disputes and other scandal, that are not directly related to a particular topic to be tackled through the exchange of private messages (PM), and not clutter threads with unnecessary posts exist.

From the forum users we expect impeccable manners and high personal culture.

8. Each user has the right to establish only one account. Creating multiple accounts will be severely punished with exclusion from the group of users to permanently. – BAN!

Lending by user password for his account to a third party and the problems, that arise from this team isn’t interested SimsDistrict staff. In such a case none of staff will not interfere.

10. Each user at the request of a moderator or administrator should make immediate improvements in your post.
After 24 hours, uncorrected post/topic will be deleted.

11. Each user is required to comply with netiquette. Do not know refer to page

12. Staff have the right to edit posts of other users in the following cases:
- Remind the user, or commands for improving the topic/post
- Corrections for amendments themes, images or other technical problems
- Amendments to the user panel: avatar, user name, or location, if generally contain obscene and violate applicable legal and moral standards and content not related to their purpose

13. Staff have the right to move, delete topics or to their closure. And the user who posted them will inevitably be excluded permanently from the group of users of the forum

14. Prohibited:
- Creation of the same posts in different sections
- Write post under post, use the ‘Edit’ option
- Writing posts that are not related to the subject
- Constant themes in the wrong sections up branches in spite of reminders
- Attach files that are not directly related to the topic
- Prescribing other websites without the express needs and substantive connection with the subject, and put don’t their manuals, or other additives - such behavior is considered an immediate exclusion from the group of users.
- Writing posts nothing can carry the theme, like "but fun" or "hopeless," "approximately," or "as above". You have nothing to say - do not write.
- Not allowed to write such as "abomination." If the additive is not like you, write what you do not like what the author can improve.
- Writing with the use of Caps Lock, PoKeMoN posting, posting with the use of profanity.

15. The topic should include accurate information, do not assume subjects: Problem; Seeking additional to the sims, etc.

16. Before you have your topic in the section with the problems of each user is required to search the forum and check that there is no subject that could solve his problem.


18. Any application to the this rules will entail the consequence. Depending on the offense-first broke the rules will result in warning, next will be a warning in the percentage of 20%.
Accumulated at 100% alert the user is excluded from the group of users on a permanent basis.
In special cases, staff will decide on the fate of a user on the forum.

Rules can be changed.

Have fun
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